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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Service

Since time is a significant factor in many pest control cases, we carry out a site inspection as quickly as possible and develop an effective strategy for your pest control needs.

It is important to us that on the one hand environmentally friendly methods are employed and on the other hand that neither family nor pets are harmed. Do not hesitate to call our experts, even if you are worried about unpleasant questions from residents. This is not necessary with Richard's Pest Control. Our employees can arrive in neutral vehicles and discreetly dressed.

Business customers can also rely on our discreet and professional appearance. We work with you to develop strategies for systematic pest control, which are tailored to your needs, monitored and controlled.

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Why Richard's Pest Control?

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

Still hesitant to call? We guarantee that you will be 100 % satisfied with our work.

Amazing Customer Care

Respectful and friendly demeanor is a standard when visiting our customers.

Emergency Service

Some cases allow no delay. Our friendly representatives take your call 24/7.


Our working methods aim for the highest possible safety for people, pets and the environment.

Experienced Exterminators

Our pest control experts have many years of experience under their belt to professionally deal with any vermin.

Pleasant Appointments

We value your time and try to offer appointments that fit into your schedule best.

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Our Pest Control Services

Preventive pest control should be diligence practiced by any homeowner be it through nature's proxies, innovative DIY strategies, or by the engagement of expert services.

Richard’s Pest Control offers extensive and efficient Residential and Commercial pest control services for your home and place of business. We are committed to edifying our knowledge on different arrays of pest management, ensuring that we will take care of all kinds of pests that may infest your property.

Our exceptional reliability in dealing with Moths that destroy clothes, bedbugs; which can also be found in cracks and crevices; spiders webbing your rafters, flies, ants, rats, and mice assures 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will take care of all kinds of pest-related needs you may have, large or small.

Quarterly Services

Our pest control process is rather unambiguous, with quarterly pest control plan well-structured in 3 stages:

Initial visit and assessment

Our reputable and expert pest control technicians visit your home and inspect the home to unravel any potential issues. Upon inspection, our professionals shall base their findings to customize a pest control plan to treat and eliminate all entry points identified and nests.

Creating a full year concept

Pests are known to have a resiliency and persistency that is evenly matched with our resolve to identify, eradicate and prevent any future infestations.

At Richard’s Pest Control, the professionals will conduct an extensive inspection of the home after the first treatment to reduce instances of pest redundancy. We also offer exterior treatment every month and additional removal of accessible spider webs for an added protection to your home. Our customized plan is flexible enough to handle the seasonality of pest activity, so call us now, if you are looking for unparalleled professionalism in pest control.

Four Treatments per year


This is the Breeding season of most pests. Ants, spiders, and cockroaches are the predominant pests


This season is marked by high pest activity. Ants, wasps, house crickets, and ants are the nuisance of the season

Fall (Autumn)

The season characterizes the house as warm, evidenced by pests seeking warmer areas to populate. We will barricade your home against pests such as spiders, mice, and rats that are predominant in this season.


Earwigs, spiders are Mice are the nuisances most common during the season.

Most Common Pests include


Mice: Damage furnishings and spread diseases.

Rats: Not uncommon in the US, chew on electric cables proving to be fire hazards.

House Bugs

Bedbugs: Feed on human blood and are difficult to control

Cockroaches: Carry a variety of diseases

Flying Insects

Wasps and bees: Painful sting that may prove dangerous in case of allergy

Houseflies: Propagate diseases

Moths: Damage clothes imposing loss to the homeowner.

Do not procrastinate on your pest problem, call [the company] now for unparalleled professionalism.

What our clients say

First-class advice (on the phone and in person). At first sight a little more expensive than the competition, but in the end, the bill really keeps what was promised before.

Pheobe Pena

The wasp nest on the roof was quickly and easily removed.

Karen Blight

Highly recommended! Fast and competent help, pleasant contact, effective pest control.

Alistair Hunter

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